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We do Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) installation, testing and commissioning is our main security provision service. We offer you the best of everything.


Residential & Commercial

Your security camera systems be installed in residential, industrial and commercial areas to keep your loved ones and assets safe. Through them, you can catch criminals and monitor activities of your family members, domestic staff or employees. Presence of CCTV systems can prevent theft and other crimes. You can also gather evidence against offenders and maintain records.

Building Hotels & Malls Warehouses

CCTV cameras are especially important in hotels, malls and warehouses. They provide an eye for you in nooks and corners where it is physically impossible to be present for monitoring purposes at all times. Security cameras give your hotel and mall customers a precious sense of security and keeps your belongings safe in warehouses.

School / Colleges


CCTV Surveillance is one of the finest ways to make sure your business and home are protected. The security surveillance systems have been widely accepted by companies and residence with the stated goal of reducing the illicit activities happening around. A good surveillance system has all the cameras positioned in the right locations, which not only involve in the correct surveillance but it improves productivity and efficiency of the business as well. While the installation of the system might be questioned, the use of the security surveillance in a business environment must be justified logically. However, the surveillance within the office can ensure that the conduct and activities of the staffs maintained on a reasonable level. Every minute captured throughout, and sometimes it would be of great help to uncover the truth in an alarming situation. When it is known that the area is under surveillance, it is much less likely to occur any illegal happenings. It is the responsibility of you to keep a watch on the assets and premise and through proper security surveillance with the right CCTV solution provider, you can accomplish the results you wanted. Being an Authorised CCTV Distributor in Thrissur - Kerala, we cater your product requirements as well as offer best CCTV installation service Kerala