We professionally engaged in marketing and installations of Lightning Protection System, Surge Protection Devices, Electrical Earthing Electrodes & Accessories (Copper, GI & CI), M- Free Earthing Compound, Rust proof poly plastic & Cast Iron earth pit chamber covers, Copper strip And Single core copper cables etc., All of our products are fabricated from Quality raw materials procured from reliable sources and are designed in compliance with the Indian & International Standards [IS:, IEEE, IEC Std: 60-1:1989, NF C17-102] The main land mark we achieved during these last few years that we have successfully installed our Lightning Protection System in prominent projects in different parts of the state.

In electrical works, grounding is an important process/ which is essential to remove electro statistic and dynamic discharge which can destroy sensitive equipment and disrupt power supply. To have a good earth resistance has always been a problem in soil of poor electrical conductivity. This grounding improvement product is designed to reduce the soil resistivity locally and therefore improve the resistance of the grounding.